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ZeroWater Replacement Water Filters (8-pack)




ITEM#: 13881392

Now the latest filter pitcher technology comes in a sleek design. This 8-Cup Stainless Steel Pitcher implements ZeroWater's five-stage filtration system to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water and deliver you great-tasting water in just minutes. ZeroWater filters are the only pour-through filters on the market certified by the NSF to reduce lead.
ZeroWater's Ion Exchange filter works in five stages. The primary layer consists of activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy, which removes the chlorine taste you are accustomed to in your tap water. Next, the Ion Exchange stage removes virtually all dissolved solids, such as Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, and Nitrate, that may be left over from public water systems or even leached into your water from piping. The following three stages are included to ensure your water receives the appropriate amount of treatment time to deliver a reading on the included laboratory-grade Todal Dissolved Solids meter. ZeroWater: Advanced water filtration.
  • NSF Certified to REDUCE LEAD
  • Removes 99.6 of all dissolved solids
  • Purest tasting drinking water
  • 8-cup capacity
  • Sleek, stylish, brushed stainless steel design
  • Built-in TDS meter holder
  • 8-cup Stainless Steel Pitcher
  • TDS (total dissolved solids) meter that provides a digital measurement of dissolved solids in your water (a $29.99 retail value)
  • Zerowater Ion Exchange water filter
  • User Manual
  • Coupons for future filter purchases
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