Getting To Know More About An Air Conditioner Refrigerant

Most of you have heard about refrigerant when talking about air conditioners or refrigerator. But have you ever tried to understand what a refrigerant is and what is its function? Let us try and get to know more about a refrigerant. To put in simple terms, refrigerant is a compound that is found either in a liquid or gaseous state. The main function of a refrigerant is to absorb heat from the environment and condition the air or provide refrigeration. However, this becomes possible only when the refrigerant combines with other components like the compressor or evaporators.

The next step would involve the way refrigerant works. It needs to be mentioned here that without refrigerant there would not be any freezing technology, air conditioning or refrigeration. The most common types of refrigerant which are used today include the following:

• CFCs
• HFCs
• Refrigerant blends

The safest among these from green house perspective are HFCs and refrigerant blends. In fact, the use of refrigerant blends is increasing in the recent years because they are conducive to the environment.

Functionality of a Refrigerant

In air conditioners refrigerant are present inside copper coils. When the refrigerant absorbs heat from the inside air it gets converted to a high pressure liquid from a low pressure gas. The air conditioning components send the refrigerant outside where a fan blows hot air over the condenser coils and it is sent to the outside air.

As a next step the refrigerant cools down and gets back to its gaseous form at a low pressure. Then another fan which is located in the indoor unit of the air conditioner blows air over the cool coils so that the cool air can be circulated into the room. After this, the cycle repeats again. In fact, this is an ongoing process till the time an air conditioner is kept on.

A word of caution about refrigerants is that even if the refrigerant leaks from a system, there is not an exact way of understanding it. The AC will continue operating in a manner as if nothing is wrong with the system. However, the worst part is without giving you any symptoms, your air conditioner might stop functioning because the refrigerant has leaked out. This is when you will have to call in an HVAC professional to repair the leak and refill the refrigerant. It might be quite a costly affair. Hence, a better option would be to arrange for routine maintenance of your AC unit so that you are not left in an uncomfortable situation and need not incur a huge expense at a time.

It is true that refrigerants are a necessity to provide freezing, air conditioning, and refrigeration but still certain laws have been passed for the use of refrigerants because they have a harmful impact on the environment. The most important steps that are taken to prevent the detrimental effect of refrigerant include recovery, recycling, and reclaiming. Last but not the least, the best we can do for the environment while we go on using refrigerants is purchasing air conditioning systems that use refrigerants like R-134a, R-407C or R-410A.




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