Ductless Split System

 Are you worried because your home do not have any ducts? Are you thinking about ways to install an air conditioner in your room? There is no reason to worry as you have the option of ductless split systems which are among the most cost effective HVAC systems available in the market. The best thing about ductless air conditioners is that it helps you stay away from the hassles of installing the air conditioner every year in your window and then again bringing it back during the off season. Window systems are quite bulky and takes up quite a lot of storage space during the off season. On the contrary, ductless split system is sleeker and more energy efficient.

 The advantage of ductless air conditioner is that it takes up very less space in your room and is called mini split or ductless split system. This is specifically because such air conditioners have only two components.

• The compressor that is located outside the home on a concrete slab
• An indoor unit that has a fan and is installed near the ceiling on an exterior wall in the area to be cooled

Copper refrigerant lines connect the two systems through a hole that is drilled and runs through the wall. Electricity is supplied to the outside unit through the indoor unit and so no additional wiring is required in that room.

 The next question that might come to your mind is how does ductless air conditioners work? Ductless air conditioners work in the same way as does traditional air conditioners. It transfers the heat from the interiors to the outside air just in the way your refrigerator works to keep your food cold. The evaporator that is located inside the house and the condenser that is located outside works together to transfer and dissipate the heat via the refrigerant that is pumped between the two units. When ductless split systems are used for heating purpose, the process gets reversed and heat from the outside is transmitted inside the rooms.

 Now let us have a look at the many benefits associated with the ductless split system. They are the following:

• Ductless split systems offer more flexible solutions. These systems deliver air directly into different zones. They can be almost installed anywhere without much hassles.

• Ductless split systems are known for their overall cost savings. This is because they are smaller than traditional systems and consume less electricity while operating. Another reason for their high efficiency is that the temperature controlled air is directly delivered into the room and so there is no loss in efficiency.

• As ductless split systems offer multi-stage filtration to the air they offer better indoor air quality when compared to other forms of traditional air conditioners.

 • The best part about ductless split systems is that they are quick and easy to install and can be made operational just in a day.

• The smaller size of the ductless systems and the zoning capacities of the system makes it more efficient. As a result there is lesser wastage of energy which in turn helps in reducing your carbon footprint.



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