Central Heat Pumps

 Central heat pumps are systems which transfer heat from one place to the other. During the summer it serves as air conditioner while during the winters it serves as a heating pump. It has been noticed that areas which have moderate heating and cooling requirements, heat pumps perform better than air conditioners and furnaces. Just like refrigerators heat pumps also move heat from a cool space to a warm place, the result being the warm place becomes warmer and the cool place becomes cooler. During the hot season heat pumps move heat from the cool outdoors into the warm house and during winters they move heat from your cold interior to the outside air. The best thing about heat pump is that as they transfer heat from one place to another instead of generating it they offer good space conditioning very cost effectively.

 The commonest kind of heat pump used is the air-source heat pump that transfers heat between the interior of your house and the outside air. A heat pump that uses electricity is lot more efficient than the conventional modes of heating like air conditioners or furnace. In fact, it has been noticed that highly efficient heat pumps dehumidify better than air conditioners. The result is use of less energy and more comfortable interiors. In recent times air source heat pumps uses advanced technology.

There are several advantages of using central heat pumps than air conditioners or furnaces. They are the following:

 More energy efficient and more comfort: With the use of heat pumps you can expect to stay comfortable both in terms of warmth and chill in the air and at the same time, the energy used is lesser thus allowing you to save on your electricity bills.

Clean air: As heat pump draws air from all the rooms through the return air ducts they are made to pass to air filters so that airborne particles like dust and lint gets removed. Sometimes the use of specialized air filters might also remove the microscopic pollutants from the air.

Quieter operation: In case of central heat pumps as the compressor is outside the home the operational noise is lesser when compared to free-standing air conditioner unit.

 Even if your home do not have ducts there is no reason to worry because there are systems suitable for such homes as well. The ductless systems are known as mini-split heat pump. In addition, another special type of air-source heat pump is called the, “reverse cycle chiller”. This system generates hot water instead of hot air and can be well used with radiant floor heating. Another innovation in heat pumps for residential setup is the absorption heat pump known by the name gas-fired heat pump. These heat pumps use heat as their source of energy and can be driven by several other energy sources.

Last but not the least, some of the advanced features found in present day heat pumps are:

• Variable or dual speed

• De super heater

• Scroll Compressor

• Back-up burners and so on.



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