Benefits Of Air Source Heat Pumps

All of you must be aware of the fact that there are three kinds of heat pumps namely the air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and the ground source heat pumps. Each of these types have feature which is different from one another and the way in which they function is also distinct from one another. Before we get to understand the benefits of air source heat pumps, we need to understand the principle under which these air source heat pumps function. Air source heat pumps are known to absorb heat from the outside air. This heat in turn is used to heat radiators, under floor heating systems, warm air convectors, or even hot water in homes.

An air source heat pumps extracts heat from the outside air just in the way a refrigerator extracts heat from its inside. The best thing about these heat pumps is that they can extract heat from the air even when the temperature is very low. Another good thing is that their source of heat is continuously renewed naturally. However, the downside is as these heat pumps use electricity they have some amount of impact on the environment.

The air source heat pumps are also known ASHP and they can be great alternatives to furnaces and air conditioners to heat or cool your homes. A prominent advantage of these heat pumps is that you can cool as well as heat your home from the same source without incurring any extra cost. During the summer season they cool the home by extracting out the hot air while during the winter they supply heat to the inside of the house. They use electricity to transfer heat energy between indoor and outdoor air.

There are numerous benefits of using an air source heat pump. They are the following:

• The air source heat pumps are highly energy efficient. This is because the ratio of energy consumed and heat produced is 1:3.

• These heat pumps can be used throughout the year and so they are known as versatile HVAC unit. During summer they cool your home and during winter they warm the homes.

• Air source heat pumps are also known as energy effective because they help you lower your monthly utility bills. This holds true especially when you are replacing an old and inefficient heating unit with a new heat pump.

• As far as the installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps are concerned, it is simple when compared to other forms of heating and cooling units.

• An air source heat pump not only heats your home and makes your stay comfortable but it is able to heat your water as well. Thus, you need not spend anything extra to heat the water that is used in your home.

• Lastly, an air source heat pump is known to have lower carbon emissions depending on the kind of fuel that is used in these heat pumps.

Nevertheless, counting the benefits is not enough for you to decide whether you can install an air source heat pump or not. Rather, you need to find out if your home has the right kind of provision to install an air source heat pump. For example, an air source heat pump requires plenty of space to get abundant air supply. Hence, it is better to contact an HVAC professional who will help you decide on the kind of heat pump that you should install in your home.




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