Ac Sounds Of Which You Need To Be Careful Of

When you are using an air conditioner you must be aware of certain indications which tell you that your air conditioner is facing some problem. There are always certain symptoms which you need to keep an eye on if you have an air conditioner at home. Especially, you need to be careful about the different kind of sounds that your air conditioner makes. Sometimes the sound made by the air conditioners is strange. Thus, let us have a look at those sounds of which you should be careful of if you have an operational air conditioner at home.

If you are hearing a clicking and ticking sound when your air conditioner starts up you should be careful. It may indicate that loose hardware has got inside the compressor. You should try and look if you can find loose springs or bolts from inside the compressor without disturbing the unit.

When your air conditioner is operating a light humming sound is quite common but when this sound becomes a buzzing sound, it could mean loose parts, motor problems, and a lot of other problems. Hence, it is better if you get in touch with an HVAC technician so that the cause of the problem can be found out and actions can be taken accordingly.

Do you hear banging sounds from your compressor? The cause could be a loose fan blade that is constantly banging against something else inside the unit. However, the probability is higher of such a thing happening, is when you hear the sound too frequently. The cause could also be worn-down fan blades that will require frequent expensive replacement.

Squealing sound is a common one when the air conditioner is starting but if such a sound persists beyond the starting time you should become careful and get in touch with an HVAC expert soon to detect the exact cause of the squealing sound.

When you hear a rattling or a grinding sound from your air conditioner the cause could be many. The reason can be as simple as a lose screw, bolt, or fastener inside the unit. It is recommended when you hear such a sound, try to find out the place from where such a sound is coming. In fact, rattling sound from an outdoor condenser unit is also quite common. It means that some kind of debris, twigs, or large leaves have got inside the unit. So, you will have to remove these from the outdoor unit. And in case you get to hear a rattling sound from your compressor it means that your air conditioner will soon stop functioning.

Hissing and whistling sounds from your air conditioner is quite common. It means worn down or improperly installed seals in the duct work or the vents. However, just sealing of the duct work or the vents is not a recommended thing to do when you hear such a sound. Rather, a professional needs to be called in so that any instances of air leakage can be detected.

In conclusion it can be said that whenever you hear unusual sounds from your air conditioning system you will have to get in touch with an HVAC professional to prevent further damage of the unit.




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