A Comparative Study Of Electric Heat And Gas Heat

All of you must be aware of the fact that the two most common types of fuel used for home heating are electricity and natural gas. But the problem is when you already have an electric heater installed in your home and you are thinking to upgrade it or replace it with a gas heating. However, in order to take that decision it is important that you make a comparative study of both these heating types. Only when you know the features, the advantages, and the disadvantages of both these types you will be able to take a decision in favour of one of the heating types.

When it comes to electrical heating there are two kinds. They are radiation heaters and convection heaters. Radiation heaters emit heat in the form of infrared radiations. The result is that they provide spot heating and the radiation that comes out of the heater till it reaches a heat absorbing body. The example of this type of heater is infrared heaters.

Convection heaters on the other hand heat the air inside the room through convection. The heated air rises up and cold air rushes to take the place of the hot air. In this way there is a constant supply of hot and cold air. Examples of convection heater include ceramic and oil filled heaters.

Similarly, gas heaters are also of two types. They are the flued heaters and the non-flued heaters. The flued heaters are installed permanently. Then there are the non-flued heaters. These are vent free heaters and can be installed in rooms which have proper ventilation.

As far as the installation of these heaters is concerned, it can be said that the installation of gas heaters is a lot more complex than that of gas heaters. Most of the gas heaters require the presence of air ducts and vents in the room. It also needs a chimney to send out the emissions that results due to the burning of the gases.

On the other hand the installation of electric heaters is a lot simpler. For example, portable heaters do not require any installation. At the same time, wall mounted electric heaters also do not require any installation.

Similarly, in terms of cost, installing an electric heater is a lot more cost effective than the installation of gas heaters. But judging the initial cost alone is not a good idea because the amount of savings that you make because of the higher efficiency of gas heaters in the long run will help you recover the extra amount that you spend on its installation and purchase.

Another factor that you ought to keep in mind when you switch to a natural gas heating is whether there is ready supply of natural gas in the region or not. However, the hassles involved in switching from one form to the other can be quite high. But the environmental benefits of natural gas heating are more than that of electric heating. As a result, homeowners might be encouraged to shift to natural gas heating.




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