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Blog Title: How to prevent dirty ducts?
What are some of the ways to prevent dirty ducts?
Category: Ac Duct Post By: CHRISTY BALL (Cutler, FL), 04/28/2013

Few basic ways to prevent diry ducts are: => Cleaning your air conditining system regularly. One of the most important maintenance tip is to make sure of cleaning and replacing air filters once every 1 or 2 months. The air filters prevent dust from entering the ac system and as a result, a good amount of dirt gets trapped into them. Over time, the filter gets saturated and dust may start entering the system, eventually making the ducts dirty. => Cleaning the house regularly. The ducts also circulate the air throughout the house. This means that all the dust and pollutants inside the house will travel through the ducts. Hence by keeping the house clean, you make sure that there is no circulation of dusty air, eventaully preventing the ducts from getting dirty. => Whenever there is any sort of renovation in the house, make sure to cover the ducts so the dirt does not enter. Also, if you end up installing new ducts, always make sure that you have cleaned them thoroughly.

- LEWIS DOUGLAS (Uniontown, MN), 04/30/2013
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